Advanced transplant programs in North Texas

Medical City Healthcare offers patients access to organ transplant services throughout the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth area. We provide access to a specialized heart hospital and several transplant programs in our network, ensuring advanced, comprehensive care for eligible transplant patients.

To learn more about organ transplant surgery and our services, please call our free, 24-hour Ask a Nurse line.

Kidney transplant

Surgeons in our network perform a variety of kidney transplants, including living kidney donation, for adults and children who are experiencing kidney failure. A multidisciplinary team leads patients through the process, assisting in medical evaluations, post-transplant recovery, finances, emotional health and nutrition.

Pancreas transplant

A pancreas transplant may be required for patients with diabetes whose pancreas is not properly using insulin. At Medical City Dallas, our transplant program performs pancreas only, kidney-pancreas and pancreas after kidney transplant surgeries.

Liver transplant

For patients with end-stage liver disease (cirrhosis) and acute liver failure, Medical City Dallas offers expert coordination of care and world-class liver transplantation. From pre-transplant testing through surgery and post-transplant care, Medical City Dallas liver transplant coordinators provide step-by-step guidance, education and support.

Liver Patient Referral Form

Heart transplant

Medical City Heart Hospital offers a centralized location for heart transplants. Patients are screened for eligibility, undergo surgery and recover—all in one place. After surgery, the hospital also provides cardiac rehabilitation and other educational opportunities.

Heart Patient Referral Form

Blood and marrow transplant

We offer accredited blood and marrow transplants—also referred to as stem cell transplants—for both adult and pediatric patients. Whether you are undergoing intensive cancer therapy or have other condition impacting blood cells or bone marrow, an experienced team of specialists is available to help.