Sleep disorder specialists in North Texas

Quality sleep is part of a healthy lifestyle. At Medical City Healthcare, we offer comprehensive sleep disorder treatments to help you fall and stay asleep. Sleep disorder specialists in our network will help assess and diagnose a variety of conditions, including sleep apnea and narcolepsy.

For more information about our sleep disorders services, please call (844) 671-4204.

Types of sleep disorders

According to the American Sleep Association, 50 to 70 million Americans have a sleep disorder, such as:

  • Sleep apnea—A disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts.
  • Narcolepsy—A chronic disorder that causes an extreme tendency to fall asleep.
  • Insomnia—A disorder that causes an inability to fall or stay asleep.
  • Restless leg syndrome—This condition causes an uncontrollable urge to move the legs.
  • Sleepwalking—This is not so much a disorder as it is a serious symptom that can be indicative of another sleep disorder or an unrelated condition or illness.
  • Excessive sleepiness—This is not so much a disorder as it is a serious symptom that can be indicative of another other sleep disorders.
  • Shift work disorder—A disorder characterized by insomnia and excessive sleepiness. This tends to affect people whose work hours overlap or are the same as the typical sleeping period.

Do I have a sleep disorder?

If you have one or more of these symptoms, ask your doctor about a sleep evaluation:

  • Daytime sleepiness
  • Loud snoring
  • Restless legs
  • Insomnia
  • Frequently waking up throughout the night

At our Medical City Lewisville hospital, you have access to a diagnostic sleep lab that provides diagnosis and treatment services to patients four years old and older.