Spine care in North Texas

Spinal cord injuries can be caused by trauma, aging, improper body mechanics, congenital (present at birth) deformities, tumors, infections and normal wear and tear. Damage to any part of your back can cause pain and diminish your quality of life.

Although back pain is common, it's also treatable. At Medical City Dallas, we can diagnose any condition or injury affecting your spine. You can then move forward with your orthopedic team to develop a treatment plan that includes noninvasive care and, in certain cases, spine surgery.

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Our approach to back and spine treatment focuses on options that minimize the healing time for patients while allowing the patient to return to their normal activities as soon as possible. The spine doctors at our hospital provide comprehensive care for patients with back pain and offer the highest level of expertise in treating the full spectrum of spinal disorders.

Scoliosis treatment

At the Medical City Scoliosis & Advanced Spine Center, we treat a range of spinal abnormalities where scoliosis may be a factor, including:

  • A side-to-side spine curve
  • A forward spine curve (kyphosis)
  • A concave lower back (lordosis)

Ideally, we'll detect an abnormal spine curve while it's minimal. In this case, a brace or physical therapy may be all that's needed to manage scoliosis. However, for severe curves or when scoliosis is accompanied by pain, spine surgery may be needed.

Spine surgery

Many back problems can be treated with nonsurgical care, such as rest, medication and physical therapy. However, in cases of severe or chronic pain, your spine doctor may recommend surgery.

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Complex spine surgery

The spine specialists at our spine center offer complex spine surgery for a range of conditions, from spine deformities to herniated discs. The spine care you receive and whether surgery is necessary depends on a range of factors, including:

  • Your diagnosis
  • Your overall health
  • Your wellness goals

If complex spine surgery is needed, you'll benefit from our commitment to alleviating your pain and achieving the best outcomes possible.

Spinal revision surgery

No one wants to think about having a second surgery for the same condition. However, there are times when spinal revision surgery is needed. If you're experiencing pain after surgery, your orthopedic team can further diagnose your condition and recommend the best path toward eliminating your pain.

Tarlov cyst screening and treatment

Tarlov cysts are rare, but they can cause immense pain. These cysts form on nerve roots at the base of the spine. This puts pressure on nearby nerves and can be debilitating. Your neurological care team can diagnose these cysts using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans and other screening techniques. You can then move forward with a treatment plan.

Arriving for bone and joint care

Our hospital is south of the President George Bush Turnpike and east of North MacArthur Boulevard. Our address is:

7777 Forest Lane
Dallas, TX 75230

Street and garage parking are available throughout the hospital campus, and there's a parking garage next to the ER entrance. Garage and lot parking cost $1 per hour or $4 per day.

After parking, proceed inside the hospital's main entrance. Stop by the information desk in our front lobby to check in for your appointment.

Spine care at Medical City Healthcare

Spine doctors, who can be orthopedists or neurosurgeons, diagnose and treat problems linked to your spine. They can help with neck and back pain as well as injuries, trauma and diseases related to the spine. You may need to see a spine specialist if you have a herniated disk, nerve damage, sciatica or chronic back pain.

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