Physical therapy services in Dallas, Texas

At Medical City Dallas, our goal is to improve the quality of our patients' lives. That's why we offer an inpatient center and a comprehensive program, providing our patients and their families with an organized and easy approach to recovery.

To learn more about our rehabilitation services, please call (972) 566-8989.

Rehabilitation Institute

The inpatient rehabilitation center at Medical City Dallas features new patient rooms, a separate gym dedicated to rehabilitation patients and a private patient and family dining room.

At this center, our comprehensive physical therapy and rehabilitation program provides patients with a customized plan of care based on their diagnosis, needs and personal goals.

We enable quick and direct access to medical specialists and resources that are essential to recovery. Physicians are also readily available to provide ongoing consultation for continuity of care.

After completing inpatient rehabilitation, patients have access to resources for continued progression through outpatient therapy. Follow-up care is also provided.

Comprehensive rehabilitation treatment

Rehabilitation is not "one size fits all." A patient's therapy can consist of a variety of techniques to ensure they reach maximum recovery. Some of those techniques we offer include:

  • Neuromuscular retraining
  • Occupational therapy for daily living activities
  • Swallowing assessment and treatment
  • Vestibular therapy
  • Functional mobility training
  • Cognitive retraining
  • Nutritional counseling

Where to find us

We are located on the ninth floor of Building E on the Medical City Dallas campus.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation at Medical City Healthcare

Rehabilitation refers to the process of helping a patient recover from a serious injury or illness. Patients often have to regain strength and learn new ways of completing normal, daily activities. Physical therapy, a branch of rehabilitation, focuses on building strength and mobility after disease, injury or surgery.

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