Joint Restoration Institute at Medical City Dallas

The Joint Restoration Institute at Medical City Dallas is the place for bone, muscle and joint care in North Texas. We have a comprehensive, nationally renowned team of physicians and orthopedic surgeons. We aim to provide the most advanced treatment and therapy for everything from fractures to total joint replacements.

For more information about our orthopedic care, please call (972) 566-7111.

We offer advanced, minimally invasive orthopedic surgery options for patients whenever possible. You'll receive compassionate care from a team of specialized bone and joint doctors for all our services, including:

Hand and upper extremity care

We offer advanced surgical and nonsurgical care for hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders. Our personalized treatment plans are designed to achieve the best results possible for your diagnosis.

Sports medicine

We can help you live the active life you love, without pain, through our sports medicine program. Your orthopedic doctor can treat shin splints, fractures and other sports injuries. Whether you're a runner or a retiree with a solid serve, we'll find a solution to help you keep enjoying your favorite activities.

Orthopedic surgery we offer

Your doctor may recommend surgery for chronic pain and serious health conditions. The following are our most common surgical services:

Joint replacement surgery

Through our joint restoration program, you'll receive care from experienced medical staff. This program, certified by The Joint Commission, can help you make a seamless recovery. The program features:

  • Private rooms for patients
  • A dedicated joint unit with private rooms
  • Nurses and therapists trained specifically to work with joint patients
  • Joint care coordinators who will guide you each step of the way, from preoperative care to discharge planning and post-discharge transition care
  • Patient care assistants who partner with your nursing team to support your daily needs
  • Physical and occupational therapists to guide you through daily activities and train you for home exercises
  • Physician assistance (PA-C) who partner with your physicians to support your care and treatments
  • Case managers/social workers to guide you through your follow-up care
  • Joint Coordinator do Post-discharge calls to answer questions and provide support after discharge
  • Tracking the post-surgery outcomes and progress for a year through surveys

Preparing for joint replacement surgery

Knowing what to expect before surgery can reduce stress and prepare you for recovery. In addition to community outreach seminars, we provide:

  • A patient guidebook
  • Daily newsletters while you are in the hospital
  • Educational displays answering common questions

Free preoperative classes are available for total hip replacement and knee replacement patients. You will learn about your surgery, pre and post-surgery care and hospital stay.

Classes are held on Mondays and Thursdays from 1:00pm to 2:00pm via conference call (Virtual)

For information about the Joint Restoration Institute, please call (972) 566-2918.
Knee and Hip Profiler

Shoulder surgery

Our physicians will first consider nonsurgical options to treat your shoulder pain. However, your doctor may recommend surgery for these injuries and conditions:

  • Severe tears to the rotator cuff
  • Shoulder dislocations
  • Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) joint injuries
  • Severe arthritis

Ongoing care after your orthopedic surgery

To help you recover, we may refer you to our pain management and physical therapy services. Also, through our joint replacement program, you'll work with orthopedic staff trained to recognize and treat post-surgery complications.

Orthopedic appointments at our hospital

The Medical City Dallas hospital is located at the corner of Forest Lane and Coit Road. We're west of Highway 75. If you're arriving from Forest Lane, you'll turn onto Park Central Drive to reach our main parking lot. From Coit Road, you'll turn onto Clodus Fields Drive. Our address is:

7777 Forest Lane
Dallas, TX

Street and garage parking are available throughout the hospital campus. Garage and lot parking cost $1 per hour or $4 per day, and street parking is metered.

After you park, proceed inside the main hospital entrance. You'll see our front information desk. Stop by for more information and help checking in.

Orthopedic care at Medical City Healthcare

Orthopedic doctors, called orthopedists, take care of bones and joints. This includes knee pain, total joint replacement, issues that impact your spine and more. You might need to see an orthopedist if you have arthritis or osteoporosis, or if you've had a recent sprain, strain or broken bone.

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