Bone marrow transplant procedure in Dallas

Patients diagnosed with blood cancers — such as leukemia, lymphoma or myeloma — or other blood disorders may benefit from a blood or marrow transplant, a type of stem cell therapy. Medical City Dallas is the only hospital in North Texas offering both adult and pediatric stem cell transplants.

As a member of the Sarah Cannon Blood Cancer Network, we have access to a number of quality training and research resources.

For outpatient consultations, please call (972) 566-2019. If you are currently a patient and would like a consultation, please call (972) 566-4508.

Stem cell transplants

A stem cell transplant involves the restoration of stem cells destroyed by high levels of chemotherapy or radiation therapy. The primary main types of stem cell transplants are autologous (patient receives their own stem cells) and allogeneic (patient receives stem cells from a donor).

Blood and marrow transplant experts

Through our hospitals, the multidisciplinary team consists of blood and marrow transplant specialists offer each patient a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan. We invest in the latest technology, treatments and tools, enabling doctors to deliver a superior quality of care and better patient outcomes.

Emotional support group

The Patient and Caregiver Empowerment (PACE) program at Medical City Dallas is a volunteer program. Transplant survivors will be matched with patients and families based on similar diagnoses to provide emotional support and resources for at least six months.

To be considered for the PACE program, speak with your transplant physician about your participation. When submitting the application, your transplant physician will need to provide a reference form. This program will first go through Medical City Dallas' blood cancer program and then through our volunteer services department.

To receive an application for the PACE program, please email us.

Blood and marrow transplant at Medical City Healthcare

A blood and marrow transplant is a procedure where healthy stem cells are taken from one area of the body, or from another individual called a donor, and placed into the blood stream to promote cell growth in bone marrow.

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