Living Donors Save Lives!

5,000 people die every year while waiting for a kidney transplant. What can YOU do to end the wait and save a life?

Watch to Learn More

Here are 4 short videos explaining more about living donation and how you can be someone's hero.

How To Get Started

We now provide a quick online health questionnaire that lets our team know more about you and your interest to become a living donor. Click the link(s) below to get started .

Frequently asked questions

Q: Does a living kidney donor have to be related?

No, the living donor does not have to be related to the intended recipient. Only 50% of living donor surgeries that take place involve a related donor. A kidney transplant between a non-related donor and recipient can be just as successful as related donor and recipient.

Q: How long does the living donor evaluation take?

The evaluation starts by the donor completing basic blood work and urine tests at their convenience. Once this is completed, our clinic evaluation typically takes only one day. If additional testing is required, this may prolong the evaluation process.