Advanced treatment for bone and joint conditions in North Texas

At Medical City Healthcare hospitals, you have access to expert joint replacement surgeons and specially trained staff to help relieve your pain and get you back to your life. Orthopedic specialists in our network treat virtually all bone and joint issues. That means when you're injured or develop an orthopedic condition, we can connect you with an orthopedic team to provide comprehensive joint care.

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Our hospitals across North Texas offer spacious private rooms, access to educational workshops and group therapy exclusively for joint patients. Patients receive comprehensive, personal and highly coordinated orthopedic care every step of the way.

Your bone and joint team at Medical City Healthcare includes orthopedic doctors with specialized experience in knee, hip and joint care. This enables us to provide complete services for any joint injury or condition. We also have a sports medicine program, which connects you to a team of experts to treat joint conditions and injuries associated with athletics.

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Knee and hip replacement surgery

The orthopedic doctors at our hospitals treat a range of joint injuries and conditions. Noninvasive care is always prioritized, but surgery is sometimes needed to alleviate pain or help you recover as fully as possible from an injury or complication. When your knees or hips are the problem areas, your orthopedic team may recommend a knee replacement or hip replacement to achieve this goal.

Advanced surgery for joint care

From care for fractures to total joint replacements, you have many treatment options following any kind of joint injury. Your orthopedist may even recommend robot-assisted orthopedic surgery through our orthopedic care program in certain cases.