Our Patient Promise

We Commit to providing high-quality care and personal attention; to anticipating and meeting your individual needs:

We promise to greet you promptly and courteously and provide the most accurate information.

We promise to treat you as a person, with dignity and respect.

We promise to provide you with a safe and secure environment.

We promise to resolve, to the best of our ability, any concerns that you may have with us.

We promise to show that we care by listening and valuing your concerns and by including you and your family in all decisions regarding your health care.

Medical City Dallas: Standards of Behavior

I am Present...I focus on our patients, their families and their guests.

  • I acknowledge the patient, introduce myself, clarify duration (i.e., wait times and procedure times), provide explanations and thank them.
  • I show them that I care by listening attentively, expressing concern, and taking the initiative to address their needs promptly and safely.
  • I treat everyone with respect and empathy; I acknowledge the value of diversity.

I am Protective...I accept ownership of the success of Medical City.

  • I use resources (time, equipment, and personnel) wisely. I follow all policies and procedures, and I take initiative to maintain the safety and cleanliness of our facility
  • I ask for (or offer) help if a concern is beyond my (or another’s) knowledge, ability, or scope of authority.
  • I hold in confidence all private information and interactions.

I am Positive … I communicate effectively; I recognize the contributions of others.

  • I understand that body language and tone of voice are as important as verbal communication; I engage others by smiling and making eye contact.
  • I value the contributions of all members of the team regardless of job, role, or title; I acknowledge other’s ideas and recognize their efforts.
  • I promote cooperation between departments; I endorse and support my colleagues.

I am Passionate … I am committed to “excellence always.”

  • I bring enthusiasm to the work I do; I promote and model exemplary behavior
  • I seek out learning opportunities to enhance my skills and my ability to serve. I recognize that change means growth.
  • I acknowledge that in the eyes of our patients and guests … “I am Medical City.”

I am Medical City

I am who patients and visitors see when they come here.

Mine are the eyes they look into when they are worried or lonely

Mine is the voice they hear when they ride the elevators, when they try to sleep, and when they try to process complicated, sometimes devastating information.

Mine is the face that they connect with when they are lying on a stretcher or bed in need of a kind, human touch.

I am who they meet on the way to the appointments that could affect their destinies. Mine is the voice that educates, congratulates, and comforts.

If I am loud, so is the hospital. If I am rude, so is the hospital. If the care and service I provide are brilliant, so is Medical City.

Visitors and patients remember what they see, hear, and feel. They will know that I am compassionate and dedicated to safe, exceptional care and to exceeding their expectations when they personally experience my commitment.

Patients are counting on my skills and caring. I am privileged to be present here … sometimes in the first moments of life … sometimes in the last

I am responsible for my attitude and actions. I have a personal stake in the collective attitudes and actions of everyone who works at Medical City. My performance helps to define all of us.

Medical City is the care that I give … the service I provide and … the courtesy I extend.