NTXD has installed LifeNet in all 10 of our hospitals to receive 12 Lead EKGs from the EMS crews in the field. This system has assisted Medical City Healthcare to reduce our door to reperfusion times on STEMI patient. Our average "door to reperfusion" time is less than 60 minutes for all our cath-lab programs.


The LUCAS Device is designed to deliver consistent, uninterrupted compressions during CPR. Several Medical City Healthcare hospitals have embraced this technology by utilizing LUCAS devices in the ER, ICU and Cath labs. Medical City Healthcare hospitals partner with EMS to continually evaluate devices used during the resuscitation phase of cardiac arrest.

Read More About the LUCAS Chest Compression System

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Medical City Healthcare, in order to better serve our EMS partners has purchased a training ambulance and a human patient simulator named iStan. The truck is a Frazer MICU with the latest and greatest audio and video technology on the market. iStan is a dynamic training system that can respond to therapies base on a programmed underlying human physiology.

Simulator Overview

Therapeutic Temperature Management

Medical City Healthcare has rolled out a hypothermia program at all 10 of our facilities. The protocol includes cooling the post arrest patient from the field to the ER and on to the ICU without disruption in continuity of care.

Each hospital has an Arctic Sun machine in their ER & ICU. The machines use a pad system that covers 40% of the body surface area with pads placed in the axilla and groin to achieve and maintain a target temperature.

Hypothermia therapy, which includes CPR and defibrillation, now has a Class I recommendation from the American Heart Association.

Transfer Center

Medical City Healthcare hospitals offer the following transfer services:

  • Adult
  • Cardiac
  • Neonatal
  • Neuro / Stroke
  • Pediatrics (1-800-SICK-KID)
  • Trauma

Learn More About the Transfer Center

VPN / Facesheet Process

Medical City Healthcare has granted access for Fire and EMS Agencies to our Meditech clinical system to be able to retrieve patient face sheet data for billing purposes. We strive to achieve a 96 hour turnaround time from patient arrival to posting.

What started as the need of one department has grown to be a Medical City Healthcare Nationwide best practice.

For additional information about facesheet data, please contact Ronnie Ikeler or Jacob Johnson.