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Healthy knees move with almost frictionless ease — gliding more effortlessly than a frozen hockey puck over ice. Knees are the largest, most complex joints in our bodies and as the saying goes, are often the “first to go.” This is true because your knees are involved in practically every movement you make. So when a knee (or both) starts to hurt, it impacts virtually every aspect of your life. That’s where our expertise in orthopedics care can help.

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Your hips are the joints second most likely to develop pain from injury and/or wear. These ball-and-socket joints support your weight when you’re standing, walking or running and are second only to the shoulder for most range of motion. The more active you are (or were), the more likely you’ll be one of the millions of Americans with hip pain. Regardless of your past or present activity level, however, hips can end up being a sore spot.

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Back and Neck

Back pain is one of the most common health problems, ranging from dull, constant ache to sudden sharp pain, or persistent stiffness.

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