According to Rachel and Travis Bagley — as well as the readers of DFWChild Magazine — the best hospital to have a baby in Denton County is Medical City Lewisville. For the second year in a row, the hospital has earned the top spot in the publications’ annual Best for Families survey. It was also where the Bagleys chose to deliver their first child, prompting the Flower Mound edition of Living Magazine to feature the family on its March 2022 cover and profile the couples’ childbirth experience.

Discover labor and delivery services at Medical City Healthcare

The first choice for first-time parents.

Parenting newbies and seasoned pros alike will appreciate the clinical excellence at Medical City Healthcare hospitals, from our high-risk pregnancy specialists to our high-level NICU care.

The neonatal intensive care unit at Medical City Lewisville provides the highest level of neonatal care available in Lewisville and southern Denton County.

Knowing this allowed the Bagleys to have peace of mind as they welcomed their daughter, Collins.

“As a first-time mom, it was really important to me to be in a facility that I felt comfortable in,” says Rachel, a well-known community leader in Denton County. “Medical City Lewisville has a strong reputation for providing the highest quality of care. There was no question where we were going to have our daughter.”

The couple had obviously done their homework before choosing Medical City Lewisville.

“This was one of the highest — if not the highest rated — mother/baby units in the area, so that kind of solidified our choice in coming here,” says Travis. “Knowing that Medical City Lewisville not only has top-rated units but is also is part of a much larger Medical City system gave us a lot of comfort and reassurance. Just knowing that if something did go wrong, they had a lot of specialists standing by to care for her.”

Care like family.

When you have your baby at a Medical City Healthcare hospital, you can expect to be treated like family.

“We definitely felt that the staff cared for us in a really personal way,” Rachel says. “It made a huge difference in bringing my stress level down. The lactation consultants were wonderful and very accessible. It was so nice that the nurses didn’t make us feel silly … they were so kind about how they educated us on all the new things.”

“I think our experience together was better than we could have imagined and I would have all my babies at Medical City Lewisville in a heartbeat.”

Choices and amenities.

While safety and security are our top priorities, offering the choices and amenities parents want runs a close second. Our wide variety of childbirth options let you design the dream delivery that’s just right for you and your baby.

“Medical City Lewisville provided the high level of care we expected, and we loved the facilities,” Rachel says. “The mother/baby unit was comfortable and beautiful — like a hotel room — with pretty murals and an attractive interior design. We brought a lot of things and especially appreciated the well-planned storage space.”

“We’d heard stories about how some hospitals don’t always acknowledge the parent’s wishes,” says Travis. “Medical City Lewisville caters to parents and customized the experience to accommodate our needs and desires. We couldn’t have selected a better place to have our daughter.”

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Photo credit: Karen Gnepper Photography