Medical City Healthcare - April 04, 2023
by Becky Frusher
Mother and child - Best for Families DFW Child 2023 winner

In the annual DFWChild Magazine “Best for Families” survey, North Texas readers get to choose their favorite things about the Dallas-Fort Worth area — including fun activities, great shopping and outstanding service providers.

In 2023, readers chose three Medical City Healthcare hospitals as the Best Hospital to Have a Baby:

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Why choose Medical City as the Best Hospital to Have a Baby?

Why were three Medical City Healthcare hospitals chosen as Best Hospital to Have a Baby by the readers of DFWChild Magazine? In their own words, here is what a few of the families who had their babies at our hospitals said.

Myra with her husband and children

Myra valued the attentive care at Medical City Dallas.

It’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words. Myra and her family aren’t shy about telling everyone that they think Medical City Dallas is the best hospital to have a baby.

“All the staff at Medical City Dallas have been amazing,” Myra says. “The nurses are so friendly and they go above and beyond to make sure their patients are taken care of."

Lindsay found safe care through expert credentials at Medical City Lewisville.

Lindsay delivered her daughter and twin boys at Medical City Lewisville. Her No. 1 concern was that the physicians, staff and facilities would be able to provide expert care in case of an emergency.

Medical City Lewisville has a high-level, Level III NICU that can care for the most critically ill and premature infants who require specialized, focused care. With both pregnancies, Lindsay and her babies needed that extra level of care to make sure they all remained safe and healthy.

“I wanted a hospital that had proven credentials, and Medical City Lewisville had those credentials,” Lindsay says. “I tell everyone to come to Medical City Lewisville because of those NICU designations and because of the maternal care designations. I’ve experienced that firsthand and it really is top-notch care.”

“We absolutely felt loved. We felt cared for. We felt seen. We felt heard. This is a fantastic place to deliver a baby,” says Lindsay.

Therapy partners Jolanta and Jessica

Therapy partners Jolanta and Jessica loved the amenities (and adjoining rooms) at Medical City Plano.

Jolanta, a physical therapist (left) and Jessica, an occupational therapist (right), work together and delivered their babies (almost) together. What could be better?

“Jolanta and I have been occupational therapy/physical therapy partners for over 5 years here at Medical City Plano,” Jessica says. “In September 2022, we delivered our babies just 12 hours apart in neighboring suites, which were lovely and beautifully decorated. The staff in the delivery rooms exceeded our expectations and our women’s services staff were the sweetest and most attentive people. We loved our experience here at Medical City Plano and both agree that we could have not selected a better place to have our babies.”  

Doba's third child, with her siblings

Doba felt confident in the NICU care at Medical City Dallas.

Doba’s third child, daughter Jordyn, needed the high-level care that Medical City Children’s Hospital’s  Level IV neonatal intensive care unit provides. Because it’s located in the same building as Medical City Women’s Hospital Dallas, Doba and her new baby remained together while they both received expert care. 

“All of my nurses, from start to finish, were excellent,” Doba says.” After delivery, my labor and delivery and postpartum team made sure I could get to the NICU as much as possible to visit Jordyn. They also made sure that I took time to focus on my own recovery, which was so easy, knowing she was in good hands. The nurses in NICU, both day and night shifts, were the most amazing, wonderful and caring people. Knowing they were taking care of Jordyn allowed me to relax and be confident in the care that she was receiving. They made sure she got lots of love when my husband and I couldn’t be there.”

Nicole is grateful for lifesaving care at Medical City Lewisville.

Despite a “perfect first pregnancy” according to Nicole’s husband, Devon, the first-time mom suffered the life-threatening effects of an amniotic fluid embolism (AFE) during her delivery. Nicole required emergency surgery, a massive transfusion of 30 units of blood, ICU care for her and neonatal intensive care for Gentry at Medical City Lewisville’s Level III NICU.  

Nicole and Devon are grateful for the skilled, compassionate physician and staff who cared for them.

“We were only here, eight days, nine days, and it felt like we got so close with them so fast,” Nicole says. “It was the best experience for the worst experience of our life.” 

Read Nicole’s full story and hear about the experience from her OB-GYN.

Halee and her husband, Justin, were pleased to welcome their second baby boy, Nash

Halee appreciated the calm environment at Medical City Dallas.

Halee and her husband, Justin, were pleased to welcome their second baby boy, Nash, at Medical City Dallas. Making the experience even more special, Halee’s doctor delivered both Justin and his sister in 1998.

“Everything was all around so good! Every nurse that cared for us and every staff member that entered our room was amazing,” Halee says. “They always asked how I was doing first, making sure that I was comfortable and not in any pain. It was definitely a very peaceful delivery.”

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