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Teenagers can find extra time with family during the pandemic frustrating, especially after having to give up school, work, activities and seeing friends. Susan Pfau, a behavioral health counselor at Medical City Green Oaks, has suggestions on how to ease family conflict with teens.

  • Set up a daily schedule to decrease conflict, because everyone knows the expectations
    • Get your teens to help create the schedule, and be as general or specific as needed
    • Schedule chores before fun
    • Post the schedule because teens do great with structure and visuals
    • Reward your teens for sticking to the schedule
  • Take advantage of being together and have consistent family activities such as movie night, game night or going for walks, to create a balanced life.
  • Practice and teach self-care to manage stress. Teens can try yoga, art, gardening or other activities. But remember that self-care is as important for parents as it is for teens. Don’t forget that you’re modeling for your teen how to be a healthy adult.

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