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Summer’s here and kids are ready to get outside.  Dr. Phillip Ewing, a pediatric emergency medicine physician at Medical City Dallas, offers some useful tips to stay safe and still have fun.

  • Leave the fireworks to the professionals – enjoy the show and avoid unnecessary burns
  • Practice sun safety to protect your skin – use sunscreen and wear protective clothing when possible
  • Limit exercise during the heat of the day to 20-minute increments with water breaks in between
    • If a child begins to feel ill, is dry, has a headache or is nauseated, seek medical attention
  • Practice water safety
    • Keep new swimmers within arm’s reach
    • Always keep a watchful eye, even on more experienced swimmers
    • When diving, make sure to dive into deep water
    • Always wear a life jacket when participating in lake and boating activities
  • Be safe using an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) – wear a helmet at all times and only licensed drivers should be at the wheel

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