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When I was pregnant with my son, I couldn't get enough information — whether it was about how my body was changing, how my baby was growing, what labor and delivery would be like, what I could do to make pregnancy even slightly more comfortable, how I'd feel after the baby was born. So I did a lot of research and I asked A LOT of questions — of my friends with kids, my mother, my sisters, my OB, anyone who'd be willing to answer and share their perspective.

Whether you're a first-time mom-to-be or a seasoned mom with a few pregnancies and deliveries under your belt, when you're pregnant, we know you've got questions. So we've asked physicians at the hospitals of Medical City Healthcare to share answers to common and not-so-common questions related to pregnancy myths, childbirth, delivery and beyond.

What are Kegel exercises and should I do them while I'm pregnant?

Is it safe to eat sushi during pregnancy?

Are hot tubs safe during pregnancy?

Is it safe to change the cat's litter box when pregnant?

Is it OK to get foot massages and reflexology when pregnant?

Is a VBAC safe?

Should I feel guilty for wanting an epidural during childbirth?

How soon after childbirth can sex resume?

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Revised 5/14/2019