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Trampolines, hover boards and skateboards are just a few of the activities that can cause injuries to children. Kathryn Wiesman, MD, pediatric orthopedic surgeon on the medical staff at Medical City Children’s Hospital, says parents should pay close attention to the injury.

First, wrap the injured area, apply ice and perhaps give the child some ibuprofen to address the discomfort. If the injury is serious, visit the closest Medical City ER for immediate care.

Fracture pain doesn’t go away overnight, so any uncontrollable pain should be evaluated. Be aware of these symptoms:

  • Significant bruising or discoloration
  • An injury that is tender to the touch
  • Not using the injured area (e.g. not walking on a hurt foot or not using an injured hand)
  • Large amount of swelling
  • Deformity

Trauma can be a challenge to evaluate in virtual care. An X-ray is often necessary. When in doubt, have it checked out.

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