Medical City Healthcare - March 25, 2020

With schools closed, kids home and many parents working from home, why not use this opportunity to spend some time together in the kitchen? With everyone cooped up and stress levels high, it can be tempting to reach for empty-calorie snacks. However, there’s an easy way to make snack time fun, healthy and educational!

Medical City Children’s Hospital’s award-winning kids teaching kids® program has North Texas families top of mind during this time—with ideas and resources that will help you create interactive family activities while teaching kids to choose and prepare healthy foods.

Fun Food Fridays!

We’re calling it Fun Food Fridays! Each week, our registered dietitians will provide tips and recipes to help kids build their own delicious, nutritious snacks. Look for Fun Foods Fridays posts on the Medical City Healthcare Facebook page.

Snacking on veggies and fruit has never been more fun when you see the innovative combinations and playful presentations from over 500 kids teaching kids recipes. The Healthy Snack Finder allows you to search snack recipes with ingredients you have on hand in your pantry, refrigerator and freezer. Simply type an ingredient into the search bar and choose a tasty snack from the search results. Even if you don’t have all the ingredients called for in a specific recipe, most ingredients can easily be substituted.

Healthy Snack: Super duper sweet potato dip

Recipes created by North Texas high school students for North Texas elementary students.

All kids teaching kids snacks were created by Texas ProStart high school culinary students from North Texas school districts. Each snack provides at least ½ cup of fruits and/or vegetables. Studies show that consuming adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables may be associated with a decreased risk of obesity and obesity-related diseases.

Fruits and vegetables are also an abundant source of vitamins and minerals needed to support a healthy immune system. Preparing these recipes is engaging and fun for the whole family but are simple enough for elementary-aged kids to prepare with little or no adult supervision.

DubiskiHS Nutri Pizza

Food as homeschool subjects.

Engaging in food preparation can also make doing school lessons at home more inspiring and motivating. All school curriculum and subjects can be enhanced when preparing food! For instance, if you find your kids are having difficulty staying focused on their math assignments, have them pick out a snack recipe and discuss the life application of basic math skills as you:

  • Measure ingredients and read the fractions on measuring tools
  • Double, triple or quadruple the recipe and work through the process of multiplying quantities

If they have a certain amount of time they must devote to reading, have them:

  • Read through several snack recipes and select snacks they would like to make during the week
  • Discuss how a particular fruit or vegetable grows:
    • On a tree, bush or vine?
    • Underground or above the ground?
    • Does it contain seeds or no seeds?

Start with a boost of Vitamin C.

To get started, help kids support a healthy immune system with foods high in Vitamin C! Try one of these ideas from the kids teaching kids Healthy Snack Finder or enter ingredients you have on hand to find lots more recipes.

Don’t let the names fool you–kids will love how these snacks look and taste!

Broccoli Power Punch Smoothie

Peppa Poppers

Find more healthy snack ideas, recipe books and how-to videos (search “YouTube” in the Healthy Snack Finder to see recipes that include videos) at the kids teaching kids® website.