Medical City Healthcare - October 19, 2020

In 2016, Tracey Thompson, then 54, made international headlines (including this segment on Good Morning America) when she acted as surrogate for her daughter, Kelley McKissack, and gave birth to her own granddaughter, Kelcey. Kelley had struggled with infertility for years, leading to multiple miscarriages.

More recently, Kelley was diagnosed with a genetic blood clotting disease and autoimmune disorder that had prevented her from fulfilling her lifelong goal of carrying a baby to term.

After receiving expert treatment from her infertility specialist and obstetrician, Kelley, age 32, became pregnant and gave birth to her second daughter, Zoey Jane, at Medical City Plano in September 2020.

“My 54-year-old wonderful mother delivered our first little miracle, Kelcey, four and a half years ago,” Kelley says. “We thought that we were done then, we thought that Kelcey was the only little baby we were going to get.”

Kelcey’s name is a combination of Kelley’s and Tracey’s names—a fitting tribute to the two strong, determined women who helped give her life.

Kelley’s dream delivery came true when she gave birth to Zoey on September 23, 2020, at Medical City Plano. Joseph Leveno, MD, Kelley’s OB/GYN, says that Kelly had to take daily blood thinning injections to maintain her pregnancy.

“The fact that Kelley was able to carry to full term is fantastic considering her background with multiple losses,” Dr. Leveno said. “She was very strict in following the prescribed protocols that led to this great outcome. I am very excited for her and for her family. She did a wonderful job.”

Big sister, Kelcey, and Grandma Tracey welcomed Zoey to the world with a special birthday cake and song shared via FaceTime.

“Giving birth was amazing, getting to feel her kick and move and then her coming out and laying on my belly and moving her legs the same way she did in the belly,” Kelley says. “There’s nothing that can explain that feeling. It’s the coolest feeling ever.”

In addition to surrogacy, there are many other ways that modern families are created, including adoption and same-sex partners.

At Medical City Healthcare, we believe that all babies and families are special and that they all deserve the very best start in life. We offer amenities that support all types of families, designed to give each and every one the birth experience of their dreams.

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