Medical City Healthcare - April 20, 2022
by Emmy Akdamar

As a young adult in college, there are many things to start figuring out on your own. This is a time when you start making decisions that will potentially affect the rest of your life. These big decisions include things people may not think about, like what to do when you break a bone, catch the flu or get COVID-19. Many college students and young adults have to make the choice of where they should go to seek medical help.

In reality, starting my freshman year at a university in Central Texas, it was very difficult for me to find a medical clinic that I felt confident in. After going to the student clinic and other care facilities, it was hard to feel like I would fully recover from my illness. I couldn’t help but wonder, are they not fully listening because of my age?

Life in the dorms

Living as a freshman in the dorms, it was easy to see why sickness spread like wildfire. I was constantly having to miss class because I had caught some type of virus or infection from the girls living around me. This led to multiple trips to local care clinics. Every time I would tell a nurse or doctor that I lived in a dorm, it felt like they would evaluate me for less than a minute, give me a steroid pack, and send me on my way. Often, I would return the following week, still feeling sick. This was very frustrating to me. It felt like no matter where I went, they would tell me “It’s just a common cold or allergies.” I knew I needed to find a facility with staff who would listen to me and provide the right treatment.

Finding the right urgent care clinic

I was on the search for an urgent care clinic I knew would treat me with respect; one that was separated from the “college bubble.” I felt this would give me a better chance of finding a clinic that treats a more diverse group of people. I decided to go home to Dallas and visit a local CareNow clinic. I cannot say enough great things about my experience. The nurses were super friendly, the doctors beyond helpful, and I could tell that they knew exactly what they were doing. The staff made me feel comfortable and respected.

How I see healthcare

I think healthcare is a very important part of everyone’s lives. The bravery and dedication of healthcare professionals is something that will always amaze me. Exceptional healthcare is dependent on many factors. My view as a young adult could be completely different than someone who is older, but I feel that respect between healthcare professionals and patients should go both ways.

Here are the characteristics I value in a clinic:

  • Genuine care for each patient
  • Respect no matter how old the patient is
  • Effective communication with each patient
  • Willingness to help a patient get better

Remember, you shouldn’t feel bad about looking for a new doctor or clinic if the one you’re at isn’t right for you. You deserve to have the best, most compassionate care possible.

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About Emmy

Emmy Akdamar

Emmy is a senior at Baylor University studying corporate communication with a concentration in public relations. She shared her experiences finding healthcare as part of her strategic communications internship with Medical City Healthcare and hopes it will empower other young people to seek quality care. In her free time, Emmy likes to go on walks with her puppy and spend time with family and friends. She also enjoys photography and discovering new things to do around Waco.