If you’re pregnant right now or thinking about starting or adding to your family, you’re probably concerned about COVID-19 and what it will mean for your pregnancy and delivery. While no two pregnancies or childbirth experiences are ever the same—even under “normal” circumstances—it’s often helpful to hear from other women who have faced a similar situation. In her own words, Cat Wren, a North Texas first-time mom, shares her pandemic labor and delivery story.

Feeling nervous and unprepared.

“My husband and I brought our baby boy into this world on May 26, 2020, and I could not be more pleased with our experience at Medical City Lewisville,” says Cat Wren.

“To be honest, I had very mixed emotions about the entire process going in as (1): This was my first pregnancy and (2); Due to COVID-19, my husband and I were unable to visit the hospital for a tour or attend any of the in-person classes (we took advantage of the online classes, but as a hands-on learner I was feeling very nervous and unprepared) and (3); We were very disappointed that we were unable to share this experience with our families at the hospital because of COVID.”

Labor and delivery nurses—connecting with us on a personal level.

“Once we got checked in, Kay showed us to our room and completely turned our unsettled nervousness around. She was so welcoming and helped us get comfortable right away. Her fun-loving and outgoing attitude shined and she took the time to explain things in detail and answered all my silly first-timer questions (and made me feel as though they were not silly at all). Plus, she kept things light and was so funny! It was also neat to get to know her and a little about her background and her family. She allowed us to connect with her on a personal level.”

“Our baby boy arrived at 8:51 am on Tuesday, May 26, and Bobbie, the morning nurse, was a doll! We didn't get to spend much time with her as luckily once I received my epidural, my husband and I were able to get some sleep before the baby decided to make his debut! Bobbie was so sweet and encouraging during the entire delivery process and made sure both my husband and I were well cared for.”

Postpartum nurses—connecting us with family members!

“Once we got up to the postpartum floor we had many great nurses, but two I'd love to give a little shout out to are Jana and Paula. These ladies went above and beyond to make sure we were well cared for and made us feel like a top priority.”

“Jana coached me through some of the ins and outs of newborns and also answered ALL my silly questions. She made sure I was as comfortable as could be after what I just gone through! My husband and I have a nine-year-old daughter from his previous marriage and she was SO disappointed she couldn't be at the hospital to meet her little brother, so Jana made sure Farrah was included. When it was our sweet baby's first bath time, Jana suggested we FaceTime Farrah so she could be part of that first. We are so glad she thought of that and Farrah was over the moon that Jana was asking about her and that she was able to see Riggs' first bath.”

“We also had a T-shirt that Farrah wanted all the nurses to sign since she couldn't be there in person. Every nurse that came into our room and tended to me or Riggs, we had them sign. Farrah had a shirt full of signatures and warm messages from the staff. She was on cloud nine and put it on as soon as we got home with her baby brother.”

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Lactation consultants available in the hospital and at home—yes please!

“Paula—the baby whisperer! (Seriously, this gal is amazing!) One of my biggest fears of this entire process was breastfeeding and Paula couldn't have been more helpful. She took the time to work with me and Riggs as we were both figuring out nursing.”

“Since I had a few issues early on and was still not completely comfortable when we were discharged, Paula gave me her personal cell number so I could reach out if I had any issues or questions. I have since reached out to Paula a few times and she was quick to respond and so helpful. I can proudly say Riggs and I have been nursing really well and I am feeling more confident about breastfeeding thanks to Paula.”

“We couldn't be more pleased with our entire stay and would recommend this hospital to everyone. Thank you, Kay, Bobbie, Jana, Paula and the entire Medical City Lewisville staff for helping deliver our little miracle and making it the best experience.”

At Medical City Healthcare, moms and babies are always cherished and protected. Visit the COVID-19 and pregnancy section of our Coronavirus Resource Hub to learn more.

Please note: Official guidance related to pregnancy and COVID-19 will continue to evolve as more information becomes available. Please refer to the CDC for the latest information and additional resources.