Whether you're still in the "trying" stage of pregnancy or you've made it past the gender reveal and are moving into the last trimester, you've probably already learned that having a baby is all about compromise.

After all, it's not just you and your partner having that baby (which calls for enough compromise already), but family, friends, colleagues, the lady in the checkout line who offers unsolicited advice ... the list is endless. And they all have opinions about how you deliver and raise your baby.

When it comes to having your baby, some compromises may be okay, but others are non-negotiable. Like your birth plan. Only your baby should be allowed to mess with that. And he, she or they most likely will. Until then, it's your plan, your way. From your preference for pain management to honoring your religious beliefs and cultural diversity, here's how to find a hospital In North Texas that supports your choices.

Diversity in Dallas and North Texas.

Residential real estate site Trulia conducted a survey in 2012 and found that the most ethnically diverse neighborhood in America is nestled just east of DFW International Airport in Irving. The 75038 zip code includes approximately 26% Asian (17.5% Asian Indian), 26% black and 23% Hispanic residents, according to the most recent census data from 2010. The rest are mostly white, with smaller groups representing at least a dozen other cultures. By far, the largest number of residents are of childbearing age.

If you live in the area, check out Medical City Las Colinas. The hospital, which delivers more than 200 babies a month, has embraced the array of ethnicity and the great spectrum of religious and cultural beliefs that it brings, with the goal of delivering exceptional healthcare to all.

The Women's Services nursing staff is also multicultural, consisting of Bangladeshi, Indian, Nepali, Hispanic, Cameroonian, Filipino, Chinese, Korean, Cuban, Vietnamese and American colleagues. This has helped them partner with patients to ensure they are providing exceptional care based on patients' preferences.

Medical City Las Colinas Women's Services

Medical City Las Colinas has invested much thought into the delivery of care for all women, with a diverse variety of services and amenities including:

  • Vegetarian and halal dietary preferences
  • Afternoon chai (the Hindi word for tea)
  • Accommodation for all-female staff whenever possible
  • Allowance for immediate post-delivery rituals
  • A multi-faith prayer room
  • Holistic pain management options, including essential oils

Medical City: your choice for choices across North Texas.

In addition to Las Colinas, there are eight other Medical City hospitals with labor and delivery services in North Texas, offering clinical excellence, luxury suites, high-level NICU care, personalized services and amenities, gourmet celebratory meals and more.

Medical City Alliance

Medical City Arlington

Medical City Dallas

Medical City Frisco

Medical City Lewisville

Medical City McKinney

Medical City Plano (Best Place to Have a Baby/Best Childbirth Classes)

Medical City Weatherford

So while you may end up compromising for the sake of family unity, we never will. Our commitment to personalization of your experience so that it's unique, unforgettable and distinctly you is just as important as our standard of clinical excellence. In fact, when you have your baby at Medical City, you don't have to choose: You get it all!

You can also get care for minor injuries or illness at one of the many DFW CareNow® Urgent Care locations, with convenient Web Check-In® so you can wait in the comfort of your home.

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