Medical City Healthcare - December 19, 2019

Kelli Stahl was born at Medical City Weatherford in 1989 under the watchful eyes of Francis Walker, now director of women's services, and Priscilla Smalley, RN.

When Kelli was in second grade, she was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia. Three years of spinal-injected chemotherapy gave Kelli a 90 percent chance of survival, but also caused concern about being able to safely conceive and carry a healthy child of her own someday.

Cautiously optimistic.

Kelli married Cory Stahl in 2015. When they found out a few years later that they were expecting, Kelli's mom, Donna, a registered nurse at Medical City Weatherford for nearly 40 years, recommended she see Stephen Stamatis, MD, an OB/GYN at Medical City Weatherford.

It is my responsibility to be proactive in identifying and reducing any risk which could negatively impact the chance for a healthy pregnancy outcome, Dr. Stamatis said. This strategy guides many tests during the course of prenatal care. Any historical or current medical problem warrants additional consideration.

After a complete medical history, a thorough physical exam and lab tests, he concluded that Kelli was perfectly healthy.

It was overwhelming and exciting, Kelli said, But at the same time, the history of cancer was right there.

Kelli remained cautiously optimistic throughout her pregnancy. At 40 weeks—four days after her due date—she gave birth to a perfect baby girl.

Coming home to family.

When I became pregnant with Madison Kate, I knew that I wanted my baby born at the same place I was born … at Medical City Weatherford, Kelli said. It's like coming back home to family.

Making it even more special, Francis Walker and Priscilla Smalley both played a vital role in delivering Madison—29 years after helping deliver Kelli.

I knew exactly what the ladies in the maternal newborn could do, said Kelli. So there was no hesitancy in choosing them to take care of me and my family because they are family. And I wanted them to be a part of me growing my family.

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