Medical City Healthcare - September 11, 2020

They’re the latest in fashionable healthcare flare and they’re currently worn by 13,000 Medical City Healthcare colleagues across North Texas. They’re designed to start conversations, lower anxiety and help people connect in a way that’s difficult to do behind a mask. Patients and caregivers alike love them. The oversized, personalized badges showing the friendly, smiling faces of Medical City colleagues—often including families and pets—are exactly what’s needed during these uncertain times.

Medical City Healthcare created its “Beyond the Mask” initiative to give hospital caregivers a way to share a friendly photo of themselves with patients—initially as a way to humanize the doctors and nurses who are covered from head to toe in personal protective equipment while they work in COVID-19 units. As NBC DFW reported, Medical City Healthcare is the first hospital system in North Texas to roll out a program like this systemwide.

Caring during COVID-19

Wearing the special badges makes it easier for patients to get to know their caregivers and helps to personalize their interactions. While their smiles may be covered for safety during the pandemic, Medical City caregivers want patients to know that there’s always a smile behind the mask and that they care like family.

“This is the scariest time in a patient’s life,” says Brianna Abramson, RN, a nurse at Medical City Dallas. “When we are able to connect with them—when they say ‘oh that’s what you look like behind your mask, that’s what you look like smiling!’—it really makes it such a great experience for everyone involved.”

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