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Congratulations to Medical City Plano , voted Best Place to Have a Baby in Collin County and Best Childbirth Classes by the readers of CollinChild magazine! To help North Texas moms-to-be find the best hospital to have a baby, we spoke to a mom who delivered her baby there in December 2017. Here's what she had to say about some of the services and amenities she experienced firsthand.

Jamie Staats had a birthing plan. At the top of her list was deliver my baby at Medical City Plano. A special education teacher in Allen, Jamie was 35, pregnant with her first child and considered high risk. She knew that among the hospital's many other services and amenities, it had a high-level (Level III) Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

High-level NICU

"Because of my age, I was considered a high-risk pregnancy," Jamie said. "Just having that label of "high risk" made me super nervous, but the care I received from everyone involved was top notch and eased my worries."

Happily, Jamie's pregnancy progressed normally, so she focused on the next item in her birthing plan: don't have my baby on Christmas! Austin was due on December 27, so she and her obstetrician, Joseph Leveno, MD, scheduled an induction for December 19. Meanwhile, she and her husband, Michael, took the Preparation for Childbirth series — a set of comprehensive classes that are free to parents delivering at Medical City Plano.

Childbirth classes

"This was our first baby and we didn't know anything," Jamie said. "So we took every class the hospital offered, from a hospital tour to preparation for labor and delivery, baby care, infant safety and CPR, and breastfeeding and pumping. Michael took New Dads 101. They were all very informative and definitely calmed my nerves! When it came time to deliver, the breathing class helped immensely."

Pain management choices

The big day finally arrived. As Jamie progressed through the stages of labor, she checked another item off her birthing plan: epidural, please!

"I was terrified, but my labor and delivery nurse, Brittney, walked me through the whole thing," Jamie said. "She did a great job of calming me down and making sure I was as comfortable as possible. Amelia — the nurse anesthetist who gave me the epidural — I loved her! Those two ladies helped me through the whole experience. They were both rock stars!"

One item on Jamie's birthing plan that was scratched during her delivery: have some great music playing.(Check out our Spotify quiz to help you build your own birthing playlist.)

"Michael had made a playlist for me on his phone. I thought I would want it, but when I started going into labor — I didn't want it!"

Luxury suites and gourmet dining

Austin was born at 4 p.m. on December 20. Once Jamie and Michael were settled into their luxury postpartum suite, they were served a celebratory gourmet meal.

"All I can say is, it didn't taste like any hospital food I've ever had," Jamie said. "We had steak and lobster in our gorgeous eat-in kitchen. All of the food was great. And the rooms were amazing. We had out-of-town family visit and there was room for everybody and privacy for us. We even had the kitchen pre-stocked with drinks and snacks. We didn't want to leave! It was nicer than any hotel I've ever stayed in."

Top security practices and round-the-clock care

Exhausted, Jamie took advantage of the nursery that first night. Austin's blood sugar was a bit low, so she felt even better knowing he would have round-the-clock care.

"I felt so confident when he was in the nursery," Jamie said. "I loved that they had top security practices in place. Each time Austin was reunited with me, I would have to hold my bracelet up to his and if they were a match, they played a song."

Jamie wanted to breastfeed Austin and was having some success, but when the lactation consultant offered help she took it.

"She showed me some techniques that really helped, "Jamie said. "In fact, I was doing a more advanced hold. When she showed me an easier move, Austin latched on right away."

Designated quiet time was also something Jamie appreciated.

"They had a designated time each day that was a quiet time so mom and baby could bond," Jamie said. "That was nice because the nurses would politely ask the visitors to leave us alone for a bit so that I could bond with my new baby."

Amazing childbirth experience

Jamie's not surprised that Medical City Plano was voted Best Place to Have a Baby.

"I cannot say enough amazing things about my experience," she said. "The constant care of the nurses ... always asking if I was in pain and making me comfortable. I was so appreciative. The option to have in-suite photography ... that was really neat. Michael got to sleep in the room with me on a comfortable bed. They have it all down really well and they know what they're doing in every possible way. It was amazing."

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