Medical City Healthcare - September 24, 2020

If there’s one thing all babies have in common—and there is only one thing—it’s that they can be counted on to be unpredictable. Jacob Brody Bloom had decided that he wasn’t ready to face a pandemic world, so he turned himself around backward—in a breech position—and stayed there.

His mom, Tatyana Rozenberg Bloom, a Dallas attorney, was just as determined to have a vaginal birth with no pain medication. Things got a little more complicated when Tatyana was diagnosed with oligohydramnios—a lower-than-expected amount of amniotic fluid—at about 37 weeks. Here’s how Tatyana’s pandemic childbirth story unfolded.

Breech baby.

“I wasn’t supposed to have Jacob on April 13,” Tatyana says. “I was only about 37 weeks pregnant, but he was breech and I was told that I might have to have a C-section. The Friday before Jacob was born, my OB-GYN, Dr. Maria Reyes, sent me to see Dr. Joshua Weiss, a high-risk specialist at Medical City Dallas, because she knew how much I wanted a natural birth and she wanted to make sure I had the best chance at doing so. It’s so important to have a doctor and supporting staff that’s really trying to help moms achieve their desired births without sacrificing the safety of mom and baby.”

“While my stress test showed that Jacob was fine, I found out my amniotic fluid was low. I spent the entire weekend drinking water to get my fluids up, playing ‘Turn Around Bright Eyes’ on repeat and hoping Jacob would flip. I was convinced that the hydration had worked (some might call it denial) but when I went in Monday for an exam, we were told to go to the hospital and that I would be having the baby in two hours!”

First time in an OR.

Tatyana had Jacob at Medical City Dallas and was relieved to know that the hospital has a Level IV NICU—the highest level of neonatal intensive care available should it be needed.

“I was definitely terrified to go into a hospital in general,” says Tatyana. “On top of all the normal concerns about having a baby and the issues we were having, there was also COVID-19. I was so grateful that I could have my husband, Jamie, there! Once we went in, I felt a lot better inside the hospital than outside. At check-in, they were extremely careful about everything—the lady at the front desk even noticed that my mask was inside out! I was in such a rush, feeling anxious, and the staff definitely instilled a sense of calm.”

“The hospital staff was also very helpful and thoughtful with Jamie. Neither of us had ever been in an operating room, and he had to watch his wife going through this scary situation. His concern was for me. I had a connection with the baby, but his number one concern was me. Everyone was cognizant of that and they were so supportive. They helped him go through it with me.”

Baby Bloom.

Maria Reyes, MD, an OB-GYN on the medical staff at Medical City Dallas, delivered Jacob via cesarean section. Both mom and baby came through the delivery happy and healthy.

“Everyone at Medical City Dallas was great,” Tatyana says. “The anesthesiologist, especially, created such a comforting experience. He went over everything with me, laid out all the options and kept me updated. When they took Jacob out and showed him to me, I finally relaxed. When the nurses said to Jamie ‘you can take the baby now,’ it was such a relief!”

The suite life.

Following Jacob’s birth, the Bloom family moved to one of Medical City Dallas’ luxury suites.

“I was really impressed with the hospital’s suites,” Tatyana says. “There was so much space and personalized attention. Having that space and comfort for me and Jacob and also for my husband, especially during the pandemic … we just felt so safe”

“However, as wonderful as the amenities are, it was truly all about the staff. We had round-the-clock care and everyone was so responsive. There was a nurse for me and a nurse for Jacob. They were completely on top of everything— I didn’t have to think about anything and could just spend time getting to know Jacob. They made sure all three of us were taken care of and got us started on what we would need to know when we left the hospital.”

“We had signed up to take a newborn class, but because of COVID the in-person class had been canceled and I delivered before we could take the online class. Since this was our first baby, the nurses showed us how to do everything. They made sure I woke up to feed Jacob on time and showed me and Jamie how to change a diaper and how to swaddle him.”

“Our celebratory gourmet meal was great, but really, all the food was great. One of the things I really enjoyed was how thoughtful the menu was. I really wanted oatmeal and it was on the menu. I didn’t know at that time that oatmeal helps with milk production, but they knew it. Items on the menu are clearly thought through appropriately.”

Feeding time.

Tatyana had decided that she wanted to breast feed and didn’t want to pump or supplement with formula. However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing, so she took advantage of Medical City’s lactation services.

“The lactation consultants were extremely helpful and responsive to my concerns,” Tatyana says. “Before we even got to the room, a nurse showed me how to put the baby on my breast. We were especially concerned that my hormones might not kick in after having a C-section and I wouldn’t have any milk. Luckily, that didn’t happen. Instead, I had an overproduction of milk, which has its own challenges. Because I didn’t want to pump, the consultants showed me how to manage that and avoid mastitis.”

“They also showed me different positions to help Jacob latch properly and gave me quite a few tools. Nursing is already hard enough and If I didn’t have those tools to rely on, it would have been infinitely more difficult.”

Going home.

Tatyana found that the personalized service didn’t end when she left the hospital.

“One of the lactation consultants gave me her phone number to text if I had any questions after I got home,” Tatyana says. “It was great to have an actual person to reach out to. And, unexpectedly, a few days after we got home, someone from the hospital called to see how we were doing. We had help all along the way. I would definitely have another baby at Medical City Dallas.”

Jacob is now a sweet, happy, smiley 5-month-old with a serious, focused (and according to Tatyana, “inherited stubborn”) side. Someday soon, he’ll learn the origin of his name.

“We’re Jewish,” Tatyana says. “We name our children in honor of relatives who have passed. Jacob was my grandfather. Brodskaya was my great-grandmother’s last name. And as we recently learned, Jacob is sometimes translated as Jamie in Spanish, so it’s no wonder Jacob Brody is my husband’s little twin.”

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