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COVID-19 has been especially challenging for people suffering from addiction. It has led to a slow progression of a more consistent relationship with mood-altering substances such as alcohol and drugs.

Wendy Clubb, a behavioral health and clinical dependency counselor at Medical City Green Oaks, has seven tips to help address addiction and focus on maintaining healthy, supportive relationships during this pandemic.

  • Keep it light, even if spending more time with those who cause stress; consider family counseling to learn how to avoid triggers
  • Complete a screening with a healthcare professional who specializes in substance-abuse disorders who can suggest the appropriate level of care
  • Manage medication and ensure effective nutrition
  • Access online recovery resources that are available during stay at home times
  • Connect with your sponsors and others through online vehicles such as Facetime, Zoom and Skype
  • Clear your mind daily to relax and rejuvenate; consider getting outside for some exercise or other activity such as gardening or walking the dog
  • Build routines with others of sober like minds as they can be a great support system
  • Above all, remember that you are not alone and help is available.

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