If you’re pregnant and concerned about how coronavirus will affect your delivery day, you’re not alone. After all, your baby’s birth isn’t something that can be rescheduled. And not every mom is like Emily, who said she felt “an incredible peace” going into her delivery at Medical City. While it’s completely normal to feel anxious, the actual experience may be (surprisingly!) different from what you might expect.

Don’t take our word for it. Read on to hear what it was really like from five moms who gave birth at Medical City hospitals during the pandemic.

Gloria and Frank at Medical City Plano

Frank and Gloria with their sons and newborn daughter, Arlene.Over the years, Gloria and her husband, Frank, welcomed their two adorable, healthy baby boys at Medical City Plano—voted Best Place to Have a Baby in Collin County for the second year in a row. Arlene Jacobs, MD., delivered both boys.

Then, in the middle of the pandemic, Dr. Jacobs delivered their baby girl at Medical City Plano. To the doctor’s surprise and delight, Frank and Gloria named their daughter Arlene after her—Dr. Jacob’s first and only namesake after delivering more than 5,000 babies!

The couple say it’s their way of honoring and showing their gratitude to Dr. Jacobs, who has played a major role in Gloria's health and enabled them to become a growing family of five.

Gloria shares what having a baby during this time means to her, “In light of our new life in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, Arlene’s birth is a testament of God’s love and gives me hope that despite the darkness, intense feeling of loneliness, uncertainties and many fears of COVID-19, God’s light will always shine bright through his precious gifts … like bringing life into this world and providing me with the willpower to remain strong, optimistic and faithful every time I look into my baby's eyes.”

Ashlee at Medical City Arlington

Twins - Double the LoveAshlee was one of our high-risk moms who was pregnant with twins. She delivered her babies at Medical City Arlington and then had to stay in the hospital for more than a month.

“I was on bed rest in the antepartum unit for five weeks,” Ashlee says. “I was there before COVID started and delivered when it started. My twins were born at 31 weeks and 5 days.

“Our care while we were at Medical City Arlington was absolutely amazing. I teared up having to leave the antepartum and labor and delivery girls. They treated us like family the entire time. Dr. Gordon was my hero for coming in to deliver us the morning that he was scheduled for surgery himself.”

“Following the delivery, we made the difficult decision to quarantine for two weeks and to only see the boys on the NIC-view camera* until we felt sure that we did not have the virus. Now, we visit one to two times a week, but we still limit our time. This is our COVID life, but we are so blessed that the boys are safe and healthy in the NICU.”

*The NIC-view is a secure, 24/7 live-streaming web camera service that lets parents see their babies in the neonatal intensive care unit at all times.

Jen at Medical City Plano

Jen and her husband with their newborn.
Jen went in to her delivery day thinking it would be overshadowed by COVID-19, but what she found was something much different.

“Our labor and delivery experience at Medical City Plano was amazing and totally exceeded my expectations,” Jen says. “We were extremely uneasy going into it due to the pandemic and uncertainty with changes in policies, but those feelings dissipated the second we arrived to the hospital. Once I met my nurses, I truly forgot anything abnormal was going on.”

“We had four nurses during our labor and all four were absolute angels who took incredible care of me. We had a wonderful experience in postpartum, too, and had the sweetest nurses and lactation consultants. Overall it was a beautiful experience and I am so happy we delivered at Medical City Plano!”

Robin and Casey at Medical City Weatherford

Robin chats with Corbin in the postpartum room.Robin and Casey welcomed their handsome son, Corbin, at Medical City Weatherford, into an environment that Casey calls “healthier and happier.”

“I delivered my first baby two years ago at Medical City Weatherford,” says mom, Robin. “Not only was it a different bonding experience for our family, it was a different bonding experience with the staff this time. I had one-on-one time with my nurse and depended on her for support.”

“From the time we walked in the door, we felt safe. Everyone is screened, everyone is wearing a mask. We almost felt safer inside the hospital seeing the precautions in place than we do in the community right now.”

 Dad Casey agrees that the bonding experience was a unique opportunity.

“We didn’t have to juggle visitors,” Casey says. “I wasn’t worried about whose turn it was in the room and shuffle in family members. I wasn’t thinking about anyone’s feelings and I was able to focus on my wife. Typically, you want to please everyone and, in this experience, that was removed. The slower pace felt healthier and happier; knowing that no one is in the family area waiting on you.”

Cindy at Medical City Dallas

Cindy with her husband and newborn daughter Maria NoelleCindy gave birth to her precious baby girl, Maria Noelle, at Medical City Dallas during the pandemic. She says this experience almost made them forget about what is going on outside (with COVID) and they have been enjoying time with their new baby. They hope that their positive experience can encourage other families delivering during this time.

“You can go to any hospital to deliver your baby, but what makes Medical City Dallas great is we haven’t had one nurse, one housekeeper or anyone that hasn’t treated us like family,” Cindy says. “Everyone comes in and asks, ‘What can I do for you? Are you doing okay?’”

“Even our nurse from yesterday that couldn’t come in today sent someone to check in on us and, for me that was very touching. Everybody has been awesome.”

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