Medical City Healthcare - November 16, 2020

Moms-to-be who are pregnant during the COVID-19 pandemic are understandably concerned about giving birth. But they may be pleasantly surprised to find that their labor and delivery experience is not that different than before the virus. At Medical City Healthcare hospitals, all moms and babies are cherished and protected, and families come first with a range of birthing choices and amenities. Don’t take our word for it — read what a pandemic childbirth was really like for these four moms who had their babies at Medical City hospitals.

Want more real-life stories? Here are five additional moms who gave birth at Medical City during the pandemic.

Christa and Patrick at Medical City Frisco

Christa and Patrick became first-time parents after welcoming their darling son, Everett Otto, at Medical City Frisco in September 2020.

“COVID-19 limited the amount of people I would interact with before the baby arrived and even changed our ‘baby moon,’” Christa says. “Otherwise, as a new mom who didn’t know any different, the way Dr. Heather Bellanger and the team at Medical City Frisco interacted with us didn’t feel strange or like we were getting a lesser experience due to COVID-19. All protocols were adhered to and we were given options to make sure we got the full experience, including virtual classes and telemedicine. We will always be so thankful for the care we received and will remember our care team with genuine gratitude.”

Cat, another first-time mom, delivered her baby at Medical City Lewisvillev, where the staff found a way to include her husband’s 9-year-old daughter even though COVID-19 meant she couldn’t meet her little brother in the hospital.

Emily and Jeremy at Medical City Dallas

Emily and Jeremy welcomed their daughter, Claire Elizabeth, at Medical City Dallas in April 2020, a year and a half after having their son, Cason James, at Medical City Dallas. Despite Emily’s history of infertility and endometriosis, the specialists at Medical City Dallas helped this precious family deliver two healthy, happy babies. Emily formerly shared her thoughts on her upcoming pandemic delivery when she was pregnant with Claire.

“My delivery at Medical City Dallas was nothing short of perfect,” Emily says. “Having delivered there previously, I was fortunate to know some of the staff on the Women’s Services team. From check-ups with my amazing OB, Monica Diaz, MD, the high-level care from my fetal specialist, Joshua Weiss, MD, and the compassionate nurses – everything was outstanding.”

“I was very grateful to see how each of the physicians and hospital staff worked closely together to provide seamless care. Not only was I well taken care of, the staff took great care of my husband as well. The nurses made sure we had everything we needed while delivering in the midst of a global pandemic, and it was comforting to know they had the highest level of safety measures in place.”

“One of my husband’s favorite things was the delicious steak and lobster celebration meal prepared by Chef Miguel Blasini — it was wonderful! I am so grateful for the compassionate care that was extended to us during our time there. We know we have made lifelong friends. They truly delivered our dream!”

Tatyana and Jamie’s dream was also delivered at Medical City Dallas during the pandemic. Read what happened when first-time mom Tatyana learned at 37 weeks that her son was breech and her amniotic fluid was too low.

Jamiann and Kale at Medical City Plano

Jamiann and Kale welcomed their adorable baby girl, Penelope, at Medical City Plano (voted 2019 Best Place to Have a Baby in Collin County by CollinChild Magazine) in May 2020.

“When we got pregnant with our first baby, we never could have imagined that her delivery would be in the middle of a worldwide pandemic,” Jamiann says. “As we prepared for her arrival, we knew that many things would be out of our hands, but delivering Penelope at Medical City Plano completely blew our expectations out of the water. Our nurses, Kristen and Casey, made our labor experience feel like we had our best friends taking care of us. They were so sweet and so accommodating to our every need. We never once thought about all of the fears we walked in with, and now we never plan to have a baby anywhere else but Medical City Plano.”

Lisa and Brandon at Medical City Las Colinas

The labor and delivery specialists at Medical City Las Colinas were thrilled to help Lisa and Brandon welcome their handsome baby boy, Dean, in July 2020.

“I had the most incredible labor experience at Medical City Las Colinas,” Lisa says. “It is possible to have a positive natural labor experience in a hospital setting during the pandemic with a birth plan and the right OB who advocates for your wishes. I was confident in the hospital staff as well as my husband and I taking all the necessary precautions to ensure our safety. I’m so grateful for the amazing L&D nurses and my awesome OB who catered to my wishes for a natural, unmediated birth.”

Learn how moms and babies are always cherished and protected at Medical City Healthcare: Visit the COVID-19 and pregnancy section of our Coronavirus Resource Hub.

Please note: Official guidance related to pregnancy and COVID-19 will continue to evolve as more information becomes available. Please refer to the CDC for the latest information and additional resources.