Take Care

No matter what may be going around, it’s vitally important to keep up with your cancer screenings. The earlier cancer is detected, the less complicated, more effective and less expensive the treatment is likely to be. Simply put - early diagnosis means more options for you and your doctor.

Brandy Meierhofer, an oncology nurse navigator with Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at Medical City Plano and Medical City McKinney, reviews the important cancer screenings you should get:

  • Colorectal cancer screening
  • Cervical cancer screening (women)
  • Mammogram (women)
  • Lung cancer screening

For more information, visit our Oncology page, contact askSARAH at (972) 202-8877 or use Find a Doctor online.

At Medical City Healthcare, we’re dedicated to the care and improvement of human life. So we hope you’ll Take Care!

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