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Take Care Winter 2021

Feeling super after knee surgery

As superintendent of Lewisville Independent School District, Kevin Rogers is frequently on his feet, attending events and visiting students and faculty at many different campuses. But the constant pain and swelling in his knee from past injuries and surgeries was becoming unmanageable. After trying numerous nonsurgical treatments, including injections, Kevin opted for a total knee replacement at Medical City Lewisville. Now, for the first time in eight years, his new knee is allowing him to be pain-free.

COVID-19 and your heart: myocarditis

Myocarditis, or inflammation of the heart muscle, is one of the potential side effects of COVID-19. Anyone can get myocarditis, but athletes may be particularly susceptible. Symptoms can range from unnoticeable to severe and may be mistaken for another medical condition. A simple blood test can detect myocarditis.

Is it COVID-19 or winter allergies?

Mountain cedar, pet dander and dust mites are common winter allergens. So, is your scratchy throat and cough seasonal allergies or COVID-19?

Beyond the mask

Medical City Healthcare's "Beyond the Mask" program enables nurses and staff to share a friendly photo of themselves with patients and community members. While smiles may be covered for safety during the pandemic, we want to continue to show who we are and that we care like family.

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