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Take Care Fall 2020

Read the Fall 2020 Issue

7 tips for addiction recovery during the pandemic

Addiction recovery is difficult even in the best of times. A behavioral health and chemical dependency counselor at Medical City Green Oaks Hospital provides tips for helping addicts recover and stay sober during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Having a ball

Peanut balls are used during childbirth to help promote dilation and position the baby for a more favorable delivery. According to Lamaze International, peanut balls may help shorten labor. Watch the video to learn how Medical City hospitals use peanut balls to help moms during labor.

Keeping patients safe

There are few places outside of your own home with as many protections in place to prevent exposure to COVID-19 as Medical City hospitals. Here are the enhanced precautions you can expect when you come to the hospital for a scheduled surgery or procedure.

Our Environmental Services department plays a key role in the safety of our facilities. Watch this behind-the-scenes sneak peek to see just how hard our EVS teams work to help protect our patients and caregivers.

Playing for the same team

Jesuit Dallas football coach Don Woods is still coaching and doing what he loves thanks to a double knee replacement performed by his former student. Watch as the coach and his orthopedic specialist talk about how they both did their part to get him back in the game.

Watch the video about Don Woods and his double knee replacement surgery

The future of nurse training is here

At Medical City Healthcare’s new HCA Center for Clinical Advancement, nurses, nurse residents and other clinicians are training on high-fidelity, interactive manikins that simulate human-like responses. It sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, but this leading-edge learning environment provides some of the most advanced training in the industry.

Watch the video about the HCA Center for Clinical Advancement