Medical City Arlington
December 25, 2017

An Arlington woman is the most recent recipient of a gift basket passed among former families with a loved one in the hospital during Christmas at Medical City Arlington. Kemily Sims says she’s thankful that nurses selected her to continue a unique pay-it-forward tradition.


“I’m grateful they chose me to receive this basket,” said Sims. “It’s tough being at the hospital during the holidays, but this is a wonderful blessing that someone thought to start this special tradition.”


About 10 years ago, the family of a patient hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit during Christmas returned a year later with a basket of comfort items and handwritten well wishes for another family with a loved one in the ICU during the holidays. The “pay it forward” tradition has continued since then with the same basket, just different contents.


Briggette Boolos was working at the hospital the first time the basket was delivered to the ICU.


“It’s often that patients and families return to show their gratitude for the care we provided, but for these families to think of others going through similar experiences is extra special,” says Boolos.


Kemily Sims says she looking forward to returning next year with the basket full of comfort items for another family staying in the hospital over the holidays.


“I can’t wait to bring the basket back next year filled with lots of great things for the next family,” says Sims.