Medical City Arlington
December 15, 2017

Her day job is in the Radiology Department at Medical City Arlington where she works as a nuclear medicine technologist. Outside of work hours, Jinh Yu Frey is a mixed martial artist currently ranked No. 1 in the U.S. atomweight division for competitors at or less than 105 lbs. Frey will compete for the world championship title Dec. 23 in South Korea against current world champion, Ham Seo-Hee.

The journey to professional fighting started unintentionally for Frey about ten years ago.

“I was in the gym just working on fitness goals,” said Frey. “Then one day I took an interest in martial arts and the rest is history.”

Her current professional record is 6 – 2. Frey trains six days a week, three hours each day when preparing for a fight. When she’s not getting ready for a fight, she does conditioning four to five days a week.

Discipline and determination are values Frey maintains in her professional and personal life. She graduated high school in 3 years in the top two percent of her class and achieved summa cum laude honors for each of her three college degrees, including an MBA from the University of Texas at Arlington.

“Sometimes I think we’re underestimated… that fighters are not really smart and can’t do anything else,” says Frey. “There are actually a lot of highly educated fighters out there.”

“We’re very fortunate to have Jinh on our team at Medical City Arlington,” says Tim Everidge, Director of Radiology. “Nuclear medicine technology requires a great amount of skill and knowledge, and Jinh does an outstanding job with our patients.”

ROAD FC will air the fight at this link Saturday, Dec. 23 around 6 a.m. Central Time on their YouTube Channel. Medical City Arlington and others will be cheering for Frey.