Medical City Weatherford
November 08, 2021

Weatherford, TX – Medical City Weatherford has added two new robotic surgical platforms – the first of their kind in Parker County – that use minimally invasive technology to enhance surgical care for patients undergoing general and orthopedic surgeries.

“Robotic-assisted surgery combines the skills and experience of highly trained surgeons with the precision and magnification of today’s advanced technologies,” says Sean Kamber, Medical City Weatherford CEO. “We are pleased to make these investments in our community, offering closer-to-home access to robotic-assisted surgeries that can help patients get back to normal activities more quickly.”

One of the robotic systems can be used for a variety of general surgeries, such as gall bladder removal, as well as urological, gynecological and thoracic (chest) procedures. The system delivers 3D high-definition views, magnifying the surgical area to 10 times what the human eye sees. It also enables the surgeon to use tiny instruments that move like a human hand but with far greater range of motion.

The other robotic system is considered the gold standard for hip and knee (total and partial) replacement. The system allows orthopedic surgeons to make a smaller incision and cut less muscle, reducing muscle damage. Because of this, patients typically spend less time in the hospital, recover faster and have less pain than with non-robotic joint replacement.