Medical City Fort Worth
December 10, 2019

Fort Worth – Patients undergoing treatment for heart arrhythmias at Medical City Fort Worth may be exposed to less radiation due to a new device used during certain procedures. Medical City Fort Worth, a pioneer in advanced cardiac services and treatments, is currently the only hospital in Fort Worth to offer the innovative technology, which allows physicians greater visualization of the heart anatomy without relying on radiation.

Cardiac ablation prevents abnormal electrical signals in the heart by eliminating the tissue that triggers those unhealthy rhythms. The new device includes a 3D mapping system that enables the surgeon to visualize and treat heart arrhythmias without depending solely on X-ray imaging. The device also provides electrophysiologists — heart doctors that specialize in correcting abnormal heart rhythms — with critical information to enhance efficiency during navigation and positioning of the ablation catheter.

“This new tool solves a key piece in the puzzle of radiation reduction during ablation procedures without a decrease in the quality of procedure,” said Senthil Thambidorai, MD, an electrophysiologist on the medical staff at Medical City Fort Worth. “Reducing exposure to radiation is an added benefit that connects directly to our mission to care for and improve human life.”

The device is part of Medical City Healthcare’s Radiation Right program, aimed at reducing and preventing excess radiation exposure, which can accumulate over time.

Patients can learn more about heart and vascular services at Medical City Fort Worth or take a free heart risk assessment at Medical City Fort Worth Heart.