Medical City Healthcare
September 12, 2023

PLANO – Medical City Plano, Plano Fire-Rescue and other first responders were recognized by the City of Plano for their unique partnership to provide lifesaving extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) treatment to the community.

During the council meeting on August 28, Mayor John Muns and the Plano City Council presented a heartfelt recognition for the unwavering dedication and heroic efforts of Plano Fire-Rescue, Plano Emergency Dispatch, Plano Police and Medical City Plano.

The partnership between Medical City Plano, a leading healthcare institution, and Plano Fire-Rescue, the City of Plano's dedicated fire department, has been a beacon of hope for Plano residents in their most critical moments. It's one of a handful of programs nationwide where the hospital and paramedics work in coordination to start ECMO in the field. Because of the technology and skill required, only a few hundred hospitals nationwide have the ability to perform ECMO, including Medical City Plano.

“This recognition is a testament to Medical City Plano and Plano Fire-Rescue’s unwavering commitment to providing top-tier healthcare and lifesaving services to the community,” says Ben Coogan, CEO of Medical City Plano. “It highlights the life-changing impact of our close collaboration with our first responder partners and further validates why Medical City Plano is the destination of choice for emergency care and other treatments.”

ECMO is a type of artificial life support that can help a person whose lungs and heart are not functioning properly. With ECMO, blood is pumped through a machine outside the body to remove carbon dioxide and send oxygen-filled blood back into the tissues. The treatment provides support to patients with severe respiratory and cardiac failure, giving them a chance at survival when traditional treatments may not be enough. The collaborative efforts of Medical City Plano and Plano Fire-Rescue have not only saved lives but also exemplified the remarkable spirit of community service.

The council recognition featured a patient story presentation from Plano resident and ECMO patient Rick Armijo, and was a poignant reminder of the incredible impact that teamwork, dedication, and leading-edge medical care can have on a community.