Medical City McKinney
December 20, 2018

Surgeon celebrates 1000th surgical case on newest robot

Within a week of Medical City McKinney adding its fourth surgical robot, David Lambert, MD, a Medical City McKinney general surgeon, completed his 1,000th robot-assisted surgery at the hospital.

“The demand for robot-assisted surgeries is increasing,” said Ernest C. Lynch, III, FACHE, Medical City McKinney CEO. “The addition of our fourth surgical robot will give our surgeons and their patients’ access to the most advanced surgical tools available.”

Since starting a robotic program more than five years ago, surgeons at Medical City McKinney have performed more than 1,700 robotic cases across multiple specialties including gynecology, general surgery, urology and orthopedics. Robotic technology is available for a variety of surgical procedures including hysterectomy, gall bladder removal, hernia repair, colon repair, prostate cancer surgery, partial and full knee replacement, hip replacement and more.

“Today’s surgical robots are a minimally-invasive tool that provide much more advanced instrumentation and allows us to work around more delicate structures safely,” said Dr. Lambert. “The benefit to patients is less pain, less scarring and a quicker recovery.”