Medical City Lewisville
November 29, 2021

LEWISVILLE – Medical City Lewisville is enhancing emergency and stroke care for southern Denton County patients with the completion of the hospital’s X-ray computed tomography (CT) suite construction project.

The $1.9 million construction project creates space for a dedicated imaging suite within the emergency department. The contemporary space features a new 128-slice CT scanner that offers patients reduced exposure to radiation with shorter scan times and higher quality images. A dedicated CT suite with this advanced technology within the ER provides faster imaging, enabling even more rapid care for patients experiencing stroke or other potentially life-threatening medical conditions.

The project was approved in 2019, prior to the pandemic when the hospital saw more than 7,200 admissions with 47,000 emergency room visits.

“We are proud to be part of and continue to invest in the Lewisville and Southern Denton County communities,” says LaSharndra Barbarin, CEO of Medical City Lewisville. “These investments represent our continued commitment to elevating healthcare excellence and access to high-quality medical care in our community.”

The project is part of Medical City Healthcare’s major capital investment initiative of more than $1.1 billion spent or committed over five years across the Medical City Healthcare system. Investments include expansion and improvements to existing hospitals, new services such as trauma, oncology, and behavioral healthcare, upgraded technology and the purchase and construction of new facilities.

Medical City Lewisville patients also have access to a full spectrum of resources through Medical City Healthcare, which has a long history of investing in the North Texas community to effect positive change.