Medical City Denton
December 16, 2019

Medical City Denton recently completed construction on a new $4 million stroke treatment suite that includes a 3-D Biplane, leading edge technology that allows for 360-degree radiological imaging. Medical City Denton is the only hospital in Denton County with this minimally invasive technology.

Biplane imaging is one of the most advanced interventional imaging technologies available. It utilizes rotating cameras on each side of the patient, enabling the physician to see highly detailed three-dimensional views of the patient’s anatomy from any direction. The technology allows physicians to quickly identify blockages or abnormalities in the brain and treat the patient without transferring to another hospital. Biplane imaging can save critical time in identifying and treating stroke patients.

“It means that, in addition to treating stroke patients with medication in the Emergency Room, we can provide the treatment they need here without having to transfer the patient to another facility outside of the county,” said Ashley Smith, vice president of cardiovascular services for Medical City Denton. “Stroke patients at Medical City Denton now benefit from this leading edge technology utilized by highly trained stroke specialists.”

“The new biplane technology improves diagnosis and treatment of patients with certain high-risk neurological issues and helps physicians locate, assess and treat abnormalities in the brain, while preserving healthy tissue,” Smith continued.

The biplane imaging suite is part of a major capital investment initiative of more than $1.8 billion spent or committed over four years across the Medical City Healthcare system. Investments include expansion and improvements to existing hospitals, new services including trauma, oncology, and behavioral healthcare, upgraded technology and the purchase and construction of new facilities.

Medical City Denton is an accredited primary stroke center as determined by the Joint Commission.