Medical City Dallas
October 27, 2022

World-class transplant team offers hope to patients in North Texas and beyond

Dallas, TX – As the occurrence of liver disease rises, Medical City Dallas now provides liver transplantation and comprehensive, high-quality care for patients with end-stage liver disease, cirrhosis and acute liver failure.

There are many causes of liver disease, including hepatitis, fatty liver disease and liver cancer. According to the American Liver Foundation, 5.5 million Americans live with chronic liver disease, and the number is rising.

“When a liver is compromised by trauma or begins to fail, a transplant may be the most suitable treatment,” says Narayanan Menon, MD, medical director of the Liver Transplant Program at Medical City Dallas. “Our experienced transplant surgeons, hepatologists, pharmacists, nurses, coordinators and care teams work closely with patients and referring physicians in North Texas and beyond to provide lifesaving, world-class liver transplantation.”

The Liver Transplant Program also includes experts from related fields — including cardiology, radiology, psychology, pathology and infectious disease — to help determine the best care plan. This often includes multiple treatment options, which may be part of the preparation for transplantation.

“Our Liver Transplant Program provides the highest level of multidisciplinary care available,” says Chris Mowan, President and CEO of Medical City Dallas. “This program, in coordination with our Medical City Transplant Institute and Center for Liver Diseases, ensures North Texans have a destination of choice for high-quality transplant care.”

The Medical City Transplant Institute offers patients access to organ transplant services throughout North Texas area and beyond, including liver, kidney, heart, pancreas, blood and marrow. Patients have access to a specialized heart hospital and several transplant programs in the Medical City Healthcare network, ensuring advanced, comprehensive care for eligible transplant patients.

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