Medical City Arlington
September 12, 2017

A team of doctors and nurses from Medical City Arlington recently traveled to San Felipe, Retalhuleu in Guatemala to provide medical services. In less than one week, more than 100 life-changing procedures were successfully completed, including hysterectomies, hernia repair, breast mass removal, gallstone surgery and more. Several on the team even donated their own blood for these life-saving measures.

Jeffery Morgan, MD, who specializes in obstetrics and gynecology led the 39-member medical convoy that was accompanied by dentists and a wheelchair assembly team.

“Every single member of the team volunteered their time and expertise to help patients in Guatemala receive the medical care they needed,” said Dr. Morgan. “This was a deeply rewarding experience to be able to provide medical services to people who need it so much.”

The town of San Felipe is located over 100 miles from Guatemala’s capital city. Poverty is widespread across Guatemala’s 42,000 square miles. The country has high infant mortality and malnutrition rates. The minimum wage in Guatemala is equivalent to about $346 a month, making regular doctor visits unaffordable for most citizens.

Lasting Impact for Women is a nonprofit in Arlington that helped fund the trip to Guatemala and purchased necessary medical supplies to provide crucial medical care. Their mission is to equip and staff medical teams trained to provide advanced medical care and state of the art surgical procedures that will enhance quality of life in underserved areas around the globe.