Fort Worth- On April 9, Roy Tucker returned to Medical City Alliance with his wife Deborah to thank the frontline healthcare heroes that saved his life. Tucker was met with a standing ovation from staff, congratulating and celebrating his recovery. 

Tucker arrived at Medical City Alliance in late November 2020, exhibiting symptoms including fever, chills, body aches, and fatigue. Tests later confirmed that Tucker was positive for the COVID virus. Tucker was admitted to the ICU where his condition continued to deteriorate and he was later placed on a ventilator.

“Given how sick Mr. Tucker was, we were concerned that he might not recover from the virus,” said Kaitlyn West, ICU nurse Medical City Alliance. “However, I work with some of the most talented and encouraging professionals within healthcare and along with Mr. Tucker’s desire to fight, thankfully, this story had a happy ending.”

As Tucker was fighting for his life at the hospital, the situation was challenging for his wife and loved ones at home as well. Tucker's wife, Deborah, and his children could not visit due to the visitor restrictions in place to protect loved ones and colleagues from the virus. Deborah communicated by phone with the nurses on the ICU unit at Medical City Alliance. Deborah was able to stay updated through constant communication with the same healthcare heroes taking care of her husband.

“They were very helpful despite the difficult situation.”, said, Deborah. “Everyone was patient and kind. I was calling all the time and they always made me feel better, even when the news wasn’t good.”

Tucker went home from Medical City Alliance after 33 days of care, but his recovery was far from over. Tucker had lost 70 pounds during his struggle with the virus and utilized the assistance of his daughter, a physical therapist, for further rehabilitation. 

“I feel lucky to be here and without people like you, people like me would have died, and I’m not ready to go,” said Tucker. “I’m very grateful for you, everyone has a special place to be and you were right where you needed to be.”

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