Dallas, TX — Nothing says “Care Like Family” more than a family dinner featuring favorite foods. Medical City Healthcare hospitals are updating their menus to create delectable dishes that cater to patients’ palates, health needs and the diverse cultures the facility serves.

“At Medical City Healthcare, we are committed to a patient’s comfort throughout their stay, which includes healing and healthy foods,” says Mary Ann Moser, RD, Medical City Healthcare division director of food and nutrition services. “Patients are pleasantly surprised to see our diverse cultures reflected in the hospital menu and then delighted to taste the authentic flavors of these restaurant-quality dishes. It’s another reason why Medical City Healthcare is the destination of choice for healthcare excellence.”

The menus are another aspect of Medical City Healthcare’s commitment to fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion, where everyone is welcome.

A team of executive chefs and registered dietitians worked for months developing new recipes to include more heirloom grains, vegetarian, vegan and culturally diverse options. In some cases, hospital colleagues provided authentic family recipes. Other seasonal selections may be based on farm-to-market availability, such as the “Portobello Wrap Sandwich with beet and edamame spread” or the “Grilled Watermelon Salad with balsamic glaze,” which was originally designed for patients on a heart-healthy diet.

Medical City Healthcare hospitals can tailor their menu options to a specific patient population, such as Asian, Mexican and Middle Eastern. For example, the menu at Medical City Las Colinas has been customized to feature Indian comfort foods such as chicken korma, falafel and upma – a traditional South Indian breakfast dish.

Upon admission, hospital food and nutrition services provide patients with a menu tailored to their diet and treatment recommendations.

“We have been overjoyed to receive so much positive feedback from patients and family members about our new menu,” says Jennifer Ballance, RD, food and nutrition services director at Medical City Las Colinas. “I have had the opportunity to hear from numerous patients who were pleased to see the variety of vegetarian and vegan meals available. Patients expect a gourmet dining experience and we're excited to be able to provide that to them while meeting their specific nutritional needs.”