Medical City Dallas
March 30, 2021

Dallas – Medical City Dallas physicians, nurses and patient care teams cheered COVID-19 survivor Bob Calabro, 64, as he left the hospital smiling after nearly nine months of hospitalization.

Calabro, from Coppell, was admitted to Medical City Dallas on July 2 after experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. His nine-month stay for COVID-19 included time in the ICU and inpatient rehabilitation units due to the severity of the disease. He had previously been treated at the hospital for a form of blood cancer.

Calabro was wheeled down the hallway to applause and signs held by his care team that read “never give up” and “stay strong” as he exited the hospital. He voiced his appreciation to the healthcare heroes who saved his life at Medical City Dallas.

“The people here care so much, I’m astounded about the care that they give. They have a lot in their heart,” says Calabro. “They have become very good friends. Very good friends. Almost like family.”

"Bob's story speaks to the dedication of our healthcare heroes to high quality, patient-centered and compassionate care,” says Chris Mowan, CEO of Medical City Dallas. “Our goal is return all of our patients to good health and to their families. We are very happy to be part of this family’s celebration.”

Calabro is headed to an outpatient skilled rehabilitation facility where he will work to build up his strength before he heads home. About 15,500 COVID-19 patients were treated across the Medical City Healthcare system in 2020.

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