Medical City Arlington
December 06, 2021

ARLINGTON – After four months in the hospital, Medical City Arlington COVID-19 patient Parry Allen received a motorcycle escort home Saturday, December 4.

After being diagnosed with COVID-19 in August, Allen’s health began to rapidly deteriorate. He spent time in three other hospitals, was intubated and placed in a medically induced coma for 45 days before being transferred to Medical City Arlington. Allen spent two weeks in Medical City Arlington’s inpatient rehabilitation institute learning to eat, breathe and walk again. 

“COVID-19 Patients who required ventilation or long stays in the ICU often require rehabilitation to strengthen their lungs and muscles, which are weakened due to prolonged rest,” says Chase Smith, DO, Medical City Arlington physical therapy physician. “Our care team has been so gratified to watch Perry’s perseverance and strength as he has worked toward his goal to be home for the holidays.”

Allen, a member of the Warrior Riders motorcycle club whose road name is Happy, was discharged to a chorus of well-wishes from his hospital care team and the thunder of Harley engines. The motorcycle club escorted him home to Midlothian.

“When I arrived, I couldn’t even get out of bed, now I am walking independently through the hallways,” says Parry Allen, a retired nurse and army veteran. “Thank you is just not enough. The Medical City Arlington team has been so great.”