North Richland Hills, TX — When Dave France's colleague of more than 20 years, Bruce Richards, collapsed at their office with a heart attack, France drew on training from a past CPR class to quickly take action. France was honored with a Lifesaver Award ceremony at Medical City North Hills, along with Fort Worth Fire Department and MedStar Mobile Healthcare first responders who helped save Richards' life.

"I knew that my friend, Bruce, was dying right in front of me," France recalled about the September 2018 incident at his workplace, ID Technology, in northeast Fort Worth. "I asked our human resources manager, Kaira Day, to call 9-1-1 and yelled for somebody to get me the AED. Even though it had been years since I took that CPR class, it all came back to me. I followed the instructions on the AED, and it started talking and telling me what to do until the emergency responders arrived."

France used the automated external defibrillator (AED) to shock Richards' heart twice before emergency crews arrived to take over. Richards suffered four cardiac arrest episodes while being transported to Medical City North Hills, where he had a stent placed in his heart and underwent open-heart surgery. All of the lifesaving measures paid off - Richards was able to return to work in December and celebrated his 64th birthday this week, on April 9.

"Dave France saved my life, along with the first responders who came to our office and the people at Medical City North Hills -- there's no doubt about that," said Richards, who is currently technical sales coordinator for ID Technology and formerly served on a U.S. Navy submarine. "And, if the AED had not been in our office, I wouldn't have made it. If every little thing had not fallen together exactly as it did, I would not be here. So, I'm living on bonus time."

Richards has four children and 15 grandchildren. He says he's grateful for everyone who helped him and gave him more time with his family. A large group of his colleagues at ID Technology have signed up to get CPR and AED training. "

We are pleased to celebrate this lifesaving event and to recognize everyone involved in making it happen," said Nancy Hill, RN, chief operating officer for Medical City North Hills. "Our expert staff and physicians at Medical City North Hills would not have had the opportunity to perform surgery without the lifesaving efforts of Mr. France, ID Technology (for having the AED equipment available), Fort Worth Fire Department and MedStar Mobile Healthcare crews who cared for Mr. Richards on the scene and travelling to the hospital. "