Medical City Healthcare
October 01, 2020

Medical City Healthcare and Solis Mammography urge women not to wait for breast cancer screening.

Dallas, TX – “Thinking about skipping your mammogram this year? Think again,” says Debi Olsen, who was diagnosed with breast cancer after skipping just one mammogram.

In January, a breast-specialized radiologist at Solis Mammography at Medical City Plano diagnosed two aggressive and malignant breast cancers, one the size of a large bar of soap, in Olsen’s right breast. She underwent a double mastectomysurgical removal of both breasts.

For October Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Olsen, who lives in Plano, is sharing her personal story to urge other women not to wait, even in a pandemic, promoting the importance of early detection through annual screening mammograms. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

“It can save your life like it saved mine,” says Olsen.

“If you’ve put off your annual mammogram, now is the time to schedule and make your health a priority,” says Alexander Sardiña, MD, chief medical officer for Solis Mammography. “Breast cancer doesn’t quarantine. There are women who are living with undiagnosed breast cancer right now. A delay in diagnosis is a delay in treatment and optimal outcomes.”

With the interruption in routine care caused by COVID-19, Medical City Healthcare and Solis Mammography experts are urging women to make mammograms a priority. Here are tips to be proactive with breast health:

  • Start at 40: Begin having mammograms annually starting at age 40
  • Make it a habit: Routine annual mammograms can detect early stage breast cancers the size of a pea or smaller
  • Self-exams: Self-exams should be performed at the same time every month to check for changes in size, shape and texture
  • Know your risks: Become familiar with risk factors, both lifestyle and genetic, that can increase the risk for developing breast cancer
  • You are never too young: Women in their 20s and 30s should perform monthly breast self-exams and be aware of their personal risk factors

Solis Mammography has nine imaging centers affiliated with Medical City Healthcare conveniently located across North Texas.

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