Medical City Arlington
January 30, 2018

Medical City Arlington CEO Keith Zimmerman released the following message to staff, physicians and the board of trustees:

It is with heartfelt sympathy that I inform you of the passing of one our Board of Trustee members, Mr. Norm Lyons, Jr. He was 73 when he passed away on January 26, 2018. Our thoughts and prayers are with Norm’s family.

Norm was a very faithful and esteemed community leader. He graciously served on the Board of Trustees at Medical City Arlington for more than 20 years. We are extremely grateful for his support of our growth and initiatives and for his partnership and advocacy for our patients and families. Norm also served on the Community Relations Committee with the City of Arlington and with the Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation for over 17 years. He is credited with being largely responsible for the growth and development of several of the foundation’s programs for those in need.

Norm’s contributions to Medical City Arlington and this community have left a lasting impact and will not be forgotten. We are forever grateful for his service.

Keith Zimmerman
Medical City Arlington