Primary pediatric care in Dallas, TX

At Medical City Children's Hospital, we understand it is essential to receive outstanding care when it comes to your child's health. We provide access to pediatric specialists, such as cardiologists and orthopedics, that are specially trained to provide comprehensive and compassionate care to Dallas' young patients.

To find a pediatrician or schedule an appointment, call (844) 671-4204.

When you choose a pediatrician on the medical staff at Medical City Children’s Hospital, you have the peace of mind and convenience that comes with access to a comprehensive care team. Additionally, children will receive continuity of care when transitioning to adult specialists.

Find a Pediatrician

Tips for choosing a pediatrician

When it comes to choosing a pediatrician for your child, recommendations from friends, relatives and your obstetrician, can help you find possible candidates.

To help you choose a pediatrician who is best for you and your child, here are several questions to ask those candidates:

  • How long have you been practicing pediatrics?
  • Are you board-certified?
  • What are your office hours, and are weekend visits available?
  • If my child has an emergency after hours or needs to be hospitalized, what hospital(s) do you use?

Pediatric specialties

We provide access to pediatricians that practice a wide range of pediatric specialties. Our goal is to ensure your child receives the best possible treatment when their care is in our hands.

Pediatric cardiology

Our hospital offers a dedicated pediatric heart team of board-certified cardiologists, nurses and respiratory therapists, providing care out of a dedicated pediatric cardiology unit, to ensure your little ones receive outstanding heart care.

Pediatric emergency care

The need for quick, expert care for your child in the case of an emergency is available at our network of hospitals. Our facilities offer full-service, 24/7 pediatric emergency care whenever you need it most.

Pediatric oncology

Our pediatric oncology department is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of specialists who are dedicated to providing diagnosis, treatment and compassionate care to children and their families who are seeking oncology expertise.

Pediatric orthopedics

When it comes to your little ones, bumps, bruises and falls are a part of the childhood adventure. When advanced care is needed, we're here to help. Our pediatric orthopedics department is staffed with specialized physicians who treat a variety of pediatric orthopedic conditions, such as acute trauma, spinal deformity and sports injuries.

Pediatric surgery

Nothing is more important than choosing the right hospital when your child needs surgery. Our multidisciplinary pediatric surgery department is staffed with experienced, expert surgeons to provide advanced treatment including but not limited to the head, neck, abdominal, chest and soft tissue.

Visiting Medical City Children’s Hospital

Patients arriving at Medical City Children’s Hospital can check-in at the main hospital entrance before being directed to the appropriate location. Street and garage parking are available around the hospital campus. Parking in either the garage or lot costs $1 per hour or $4 for an entire day. Street parking is metered.

Our address is:

7777 Forest Lane
Dallas, TX 75230

Pediatrics at Medical City Healthcare

Pediatrics is the medical care of children, this ranges from infants to adolescents. Pediatricians are specially trained to treat behavioral problems, mental health issues and diseases as they relate to children. Pediatric care includes well check-ups, vaccinations and much more.

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